4 Killer Tips How To Make Money At Home With A Good Website

The most important tool to make money at home is your website, the heart of the whole marketing system and the tool with which you can build a strong brand. Many new online marketers concentrate on the traffic building with SEO, keyword strategy, PPC, article marketing etc., instead of improving their websites.

1. Make Money At Home With Personal Quality.

The quality of your website is the numero uno in your marketing mix. The content must be able to offer useful aids to your visitor in the way, that the visit experience will be memorable, i.e. that the visitor is left with the feeling that he wants to come again.

Another key thing is the personality. Can a visitor see and feel, that the website is your website, not whatever site in the online jungle? Have you left a personal touch in the content, an added value, which only you are able to make? Can a visitor feel that you serve him with your own experience?

2. Is Your Site Able To Entertain The Visitor?

The question is about feelings. We people do all our decisions with the feelings, not with our brains. So you have to manage the feelings of your site visitors to be able to make money online and in this order. First comes the impression, then if you are successful comes the results.

The most important thing is the first impression. If a visitor gets a good feeling within the first second of his visit, he will proceed to surf deeper into the content. The first impression can be whatever, but the most effective one is the element, which gives a clear benefit to the visitor, a consumer promise.

Make yourself a question, how can I make some extra money and try to answer, whether the candidate visitor will feel good during the visit. Is there enough content to surf through? Is the site convenient to surf, I mean technically?

3. Research The Market Leaders.

If you are looking proven ways to make money online, one effective strategy is to research the websites of successful online marketers. Their sites just simply cannot be bad ones, because they are successful.

However, it is important to adapt things, not to copy things, because your job is to build a personal website, your own brand. Trust your own taste and feelings, because they are the best decision makers to handle these issues.

4. Renew The Content Regularly.

It is amazing how much site visitors like new things, which are strong ways to make extra money online. On the top of new products, new things can be new visual elements, new pages, new blog posts, new popover pages etc. You can even make the site to look new by putting the pages into different order or to renew the header and footer.