Moneymaking and the Get Rich Quick Moments

If you are going to accept a moneymaking idea as part of a ‘kit’ offered either online or as part of something you read in print or through a television infomercial you really need to investigate the offer carefully.

You can spend lots of time buying into ideas and trying them out. In many cases these ideas are general knowledge information passed along at a fee. You can spend so much time chasing a dream with these ideas that it becomes hard to break the cycle.

With each failed offer there is the persistent belief that the next idea will be the one. You’ve either been there or you know someone who consistently comes up with another idea that is going to change his or her life.

There was a man who heard of a need at a local charity. I remember visiting with him because he wanted to let that charity know he would be presenting them with a sizable financial gift. I was thrilled to hear of the gift, until he mentioned the fact that the gift would be the result of a new moneymaking idea he had just come across. I suggested that perhaps he would like to keep the gift a surprise. Like so many other ideas this one held so much promise, but delivered proverbial dust in the wind. The charity never received a gift from this man because the idea had too many fault lines running through it.

The web has opened up new avenues of investigation that can allow you to learn from others about what their experience has been with certain moneymaking ideas. You can learn which ones are best to avoid and which may hold better promise.

I remember some infamous moneymaking ideas from the past that promised significant wealth. All you had to do was mail them $ 20 and they would send out everything you needed to become wealthy. What did that $ 20 buy? A newsletter than encouraged you to charge others to send the same newsletter. There was no real offer that would enhance the lives of those who received it, just a motive to try to get their money back.

I’ve always been a strong advocate of homegrown ideas for any cash generating business. This is because you can infuse your own strengths and skills into an idea that you are passionate about – not one you are simply using to try to recoup your ‘investment’.

You’ve heard it said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Many con artists are banking on the idea that you will buy into a good sales pitch before you think about pulling our your microscope.

There are so many things you want to do in life and you want to wisely invest your time, energy and resources. This is why it just makes sense to forget those television offers that indicate the offer expires in fifteen minutes. In most cases that’s simply not true, but as marketers they know that if they can get you to make that call they will be better able to seize your motivation for wealth and encourage you to buy into an idea that may have been better left alone.